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Has your business had some success but is now struggling to take the next steps? Shifting direction can be made easy if you're ready and willing to seek help from WMC Accounting.

Taking the seed of a business idea and turning it into a viable startup is a process with many difficulties. Whether it's securing office space, finding the right staff or measuring cashflow, there will always be hurdles to overcome.

Once the venture is up and running, keeping it that way is the next worry. Expansion, new products and a wider customer base could be on the horizon, but only when all stakeholders are pulling in the right direction.

Utilising the pivot point

There is a phenomenon known as the pivot point which outlines exactly where businesses go along the right - or often wrong - path. Pivoting and changing direction effectively can be the difference between becoming the next success story or yet another nonstarter.

Startups will often have the most to gain from pivoting, but a shift in ideals can be of benefit to nearly any business that isn't sure about its next steps.

Getting stuck in a rut can quickly lead to issues and could ultimately see that original great idea be squandered. Subsequently, it's important to make sure that your company is effectively outlining the direction of the business.

Effective business planning

There are a number of questions that plague those looking to better outline their business plan. Two of the most prominent are; Will I be overwhelmed by everything that goes into making the strategy work? And, can't I just tackle the whole process on my own and hope for the best?

Looking at the former, there is little denying that the perfect business plan will feature a number of elements, but this doesn't necessarily mean the process has to be complex. You don't have to produce reams and reams of information which are too complicated to later decipher. In fact, the best strategic plans will show themselves to be simple in the opening few lines.

Your competitive advantage is one of the things that can become blurred over time, but ensuring it is succinct will help set the enterprise apart.

Next, there's the process of defining exactly why customers will pay for your services. Again, this is something that can constantly evolve, especially when new products or offerings are launched.

Defining what makes customers seek out your brand is another area of direction setting which is particularly notable. After all, any business that does not effectively plan for expansion - or know how to deal with it if it happens suddenly and organically - will likely fail to fulfil their potential.

A helping hand

In such cases, it is crucial to consult with the experts. It may be easy to identify areas in which your business can expand, but putting any insights to good use can be better achieved if your enterprise seeks out a helping hand. At WMC Accounting, we have a history of dealing with both the positives and negatives of business expansion and can help your company plan accordingly.

Even when that killer idea has been put down on paper, there is a certain amount of realism to be considered. For example, even if you've drawn up the most amazing product, gauging the market and sizing up the competition should be the next step.

Then, there's the process of actually getting the business's cashflow into a position in which expansion can be dealt with seamlessly. Again, due to our passion and background knowledge, we at WMC Accounting can help.

External and internal collaboration

Collaboration can be key to unlocking success, whether internally within your business or thanks to a nudge in the right direction from an external influence. Changing the direction of your business doesn't have to be an overly laborious task. Many companies will often have the required building blocks in place and just require a little tweaking.

For example, getting the right team together can help smooth the pathway to success. There will be a number of enterprises that have the right product for the wrong audience or vice versa. In such a situation, it's the team of people that will often remain the same, and getting them to collectively buy into any shift in focus is crucial to carrying out any new business plan.

While that process may sound simple, garnering opinion from the experts will always be preferable from tackling the process with little knowledge. WMC Accounting can provide help and sound advice when it comes to setting the direction of your business, ensuring that all stakeholders within the company have a clear idea of the business objectives and what needs to be done to achieve them.

With a vast amount of experience alongside unshakeable openness, we can help turn your stalling business onto the right path and can collaborate together towards success. Our pillars of expertise, teamwork and commitment are at the core of all that we do. Could your business benefit from that philosophy too? Get in touch with us and set your business off in the right direction.


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